Customer Service – The Core of Excellence

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At Fed Square over 2,000 staff and volunteers from over 40 independent businesses collectively deliver our visitor experience and in doing so generate hundreds of visitor touch points! Each of these touch points has the potential to delight or disappoint and with, now, more than 9 million visits each year, that is a lot of potential.  So “getting service right” is more than just a nice to do, it is a must!  At Fed Square we know service excellence can:

•    Boost repeat business and increase certainty
•    Make business more competitive and increase returns
•    Reduce staff and customer churn and associated losses
•    Enhance the work environment and reputation

These days Australians are placing an even greater premium on service with 7 in 10 willing to spend ,on average, 12% more with companies they believe provide excellent service.  Despite the greater value placed on customer service, many are not making the grade.  Believe it or not, 33% of Australians actually think businesses are paying even less attention to customer service than ever before.  Fed Square is bucking this apparent trend with its commitment to the Fed Square Customer Service Excellence Program.

We believe great service starts with great people supported by the right service standards and systems.  We understand that staff interacting with visitors day in and day out, are the true ambassadors of our shared brand.  Insights from our long standing research program increase our understanding of visitors’ experiences and perceptions of Fed Square so we can equip staff to be their best.

A recent customer research project involving over 2,400 interviews across 10 businesses has consistently found that service is a key driver of customer retention and positive sentiment at Fed Square. Such key insights have significantly increased our understanding of customer loyalty.  One restaurant found they have to be at the top of their game every single time as 80% of customers who rate them 9 or 10 out of 10 say they will return, when scores drop to 8 out of 10 only 25% say they will return, and for scores below eight the propensity to return is zero.  Using such research, coupling it with mystery shopping to monitor service standards and providing training programs are just some of the ways we assist businesses at Fed Square to consistently deliver excellence so they achieve their objectives and that Fed Square remains Melbourne’s inspirations precinct for locals and visitors alike.

For more information on the Fed Square Customer Service Excellence Program contract Tula Harris, Customer Service and Business Improvement Manager,, 9655 1900.

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Guest Author
Kate Brennan
CEO Federation Square

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